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Jamie brought us to Loud Places.


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Here’s a recent story I wrote when I saw Jamie XX live in Oakland a few months ago. The ultimate Jamie XX experience.

Jamie Smith, also known by his stage name, Jamie XX, made his way down the Fox Theater in Oakland for his first solo debut album tour on the 9th of October. Hailing from the United Kingdom, many would recognize him as one third of the UK Indie band, The XX while juggling a solo career in producing and DJing, At the age of 26, Jamie sure knows how to differentiate himself away from the band as a keyboard player/producer. He collaborated with artists Drake, Alicia Keys, Florence + The Machine and Radiohead and scored a ballet for the Manchester International Festival. Jamie began DJing at the age of 15 playing only jazz and soul until he discovered his appreciation for house music after attending a legendary dubstep night at East London.

Releasing his first solo album “In Colour” was what he liked to represent as his compilation of work over the last seven years touring with the XX and DJing all over the world. He grew up surrounded with a passion for dance music when his uncle taught him how to mix two records on a pair of turntables at the age of ten. Once his US tour was announced in Oakland, it was a definite hell yes for me. He absolutely showed us the ultimate dance experience that night. This is a man without words. A mystery. He walked on stage without saying anything except a smile on his face and a wave to the crowd. His crisp white button up shirt is his trademark. A silhouette was all we could make out of him under the cloud of smoke surrounding the turntables. His staple disco ball hung behind him as it gleamed into the crowd.

Jamie seemed to be enjoying himself on stage as he swayed left to right as his hair bobbled up and down. During his two-hour set was what he gave to his fans. From house music, to disco, garage, tropical house, techno and reggae, this man gave it all. He showed us his skills in mixing all of these genres together in one night to display this unforgettable experience. As he pleased us with the gorgeous display of colors, the rainbow colored lights shun during the last hour of his set as his single, “Gosh” came on. The crowd went wild and would not stop cheering for him. For those who followed his musical journey, Jamie played every single song from his solo album, including tracks that he remixed for the band. He then ended his two-hour set with the single, “Loud Places”, which features his band mate, Romy Madley Croft.

The disco ball reflected and illuminated the theater in sequence with the music. Once the show ended, the whole theater applauded him for the mind-blowing show he gave. Jamie sets his headphones down, drank a sip of beer, waved goodbye to the crowd and left the stage as the whole theater dimmed dark. Everyone started to leave the theater one by one and knew it was time to head back to reality.

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Welcoming Daniel Avery

I made my way down those familiar flight of stairs and was greeted by a familiar face with a welcoming smile. The room was dark yet bright enough to spot your friends. The music filled the room and the bass of the speakers hung above the ceiling was throbbing everyones ears. As conversations filled the room, drinks were spilled and dancers starts swarming the booth for Daniel Avery. That’s when the real party started. This was on a wednesday night. Everyone who attended that night knew what they were getting themselves into. His music made it seemed like it made its way into everyones mind with its heavy techno filled beats. Heavy and exciting. Pretty sure everyone felt the hungover the following morning or were even too tired to function. The night was a success anyways because Daniel Avery made the whole room danced and his exact words to me were, “Is it possible to have more smoke fill the room?”

Well he got it. I’m pretty sure the man enjoyed his time here in San Francisco because by the looks of it, it seemed like everyone else had their share of fun too. No matter what the consequences were the next day.

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Introducing Maxxi Soundsystem.

As the weekend approaches, I knew it was time to put my dancing shoes on and make my way to Monarch. After promoting and discovering Sam Watts who is also known as Maxxi Soundsytem, the Brighton based artist was definitely someone I needed to see live. I knew the night was going to be good after listening to his recent mixtape.

For a saturday night, the place was packed as people had drinks in their hand, girls too busy raiding the photo booth machine in the corner and hearing the endless amount of conversations from where I stood. The place was well-lit but what made the whole place so lively was the various change in music both playing upstairs while you can hear how loud the impact of the bass was going off downstairs. The best part about Monarch would be going down the dark flight of stairs to discover a whole new scene. More like an underground club. A secret little party with strangers.

People were swaying their bodies side to side, feets sliding off the dance floor as Richie Panic plays for the crowd before Maxxi Soundsystem arrived just in time as the crowd had their intense party mode switched ON. Have a listen to his mixtape and maybe, just maybe you’ll love him as much as I did after seeing him last weekend. This is what I love most about going to these parties, the fact that I get to discover and appreciate music just like how these DJs take their time in traveling to major cities just to show you what they’re capable of (and to have fun, of course).

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Weekly Tunes: Introducing


Since I’ve been back in the Bay Area, I knew it was time to get cracking. I’ve been relaxing, chilling at home catching up on some Netflix, discovering new songs, and of course, attending my weekly dose of event fun. Since I’m interning for Lights Down Low, a friend recommended that I should take full advantage of this to write about my experience from every event on my blog and that was it. So here I am, introducing a new weekly segment to my blog. As for now, I’m going to relax before classes starts next thursday. Keep a look out for this weekends post, I’ll be going for Maxxi Soundsystem at Monarch and I know I’ll have my dancing shoes on for sure.

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This summer I knew I needed change and when I meant change, I meant dyeing my hair ombre once again. It’s been two months into my summer break and then I would have exactly three more weeks left before I leave for San Francisco, my home away from home. I’m excited to be back but at the same time I’m not. This is that certain feeling which hovers in my mind every year before I leave this place. With only a year left in finishing my bachelors, I hope to finally discover myself and find myself again. I can’t wait to wake up in my own room with the cool breeze coming in through my windows and walking to blue bottle for a cup of new orleans iced coffee. That certain feeling of being back in San Francisco is what I definitely need. To be able to find myself again. 2015 has been rough with the amount of challenges I had to face here and there. Especially, this summer. When I don’t have my mind occupied, I’m always surrounded with so much love from my family and friends. They have been supportive of everything and not even once, I regret being back home here for the summer. I hope to find myself and come back in december being ME again. I’m sorry if this blog has been abandoned at certain times but I’m trying my very best to keep it updated.

However, here’s a playlist I made on my soundcloud with the current tracks that I’m loving at the moment. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

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Brand new week, Hello Monday.

It’s almost the end of June and a month has passed since I’ve been here in Kuala Lumpur. The only thing that’s keeping me sane during the holidays is by catching up on the Spring 2016 menswear collection and I absolutely love it. I know there are other collection thats worth the wait and worth the look but I caught my eyes on Saint Laurent completely. Bringing the “grunge” look back into this collection, Saint Laurent’s creative director, Hedi Slimane, called this collection “A Tribute to Contemporary Californian Surf Music Culture.” This pretty much explains the vibrant colors, laid back feels, the infamous tuxedos and the eye catching bomber jackets. Now, personally I love what the men were wearing compared to the girls, but look at those mesmerzing colors and design!

What do you think of the menswear collection so far?

                       _A2X0014 _A2X0133 _A2X0253

                     _A2X0942 _A2X0698 _A2X0199

(source: view whole collection here)

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Saturday Tunes & Casual Conversations


“There are things I miss, that I shouldn’t, and those I don’t, that I should. Sometimes we want, what we couldn’t, sometimes we love who we could. ” – Lang Leav

This is a quote I found from this book I’m currently reading called “Lullabies” by Lang Leav. Basically everything about this book is simple yet easy going with its stories and poetries about what a person goes through in life, let it be love or friendship. This week has been a long one with me helping out with my cousins wedding back in Singapore and just figuring things out halfway through the week. Every person goes through a little struggle, let it be big or small and I know I can make it through this summer because what else is better than being surrounded with your family and friends back home right? May this be a blessed Ramadhan to those who are fasting and remember, trusting someone with your life is one thing but breaking that trust will be hard to regain it back once it is broken.

Tune of the day:

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Hey guys! Now that I’m back in Kuala Lumpur, I thought this was a perfect time to finally bring my blog back alive after a year long hiatus. Partly from being so busy with my third year in University and also, just rediscovering myself as a journalist. I wanted this blog to be more personal and really represent what I want to do once I’ve graduated next year and yes, It’s confirmed that I will be graduating next spring! (yay)

For the past year, I have really transformed myself from wanting to write just for fashion into writing for both fashion and music in particular and transforming the way I look. Living in San Francisco has made me into a whole new person compared to my days as a communication major back in 2010. I involved myself in this “San Franciscan” lifestyle and I honesty love it! Exploring different music is turning into an interest of mine hence why I’m actually interning for a local event management company back in SF.

So, the reason why I’m writing on this blog again is so I could post my writings on both fashion and music regularly. I just hope this new change will do good for me so keep a look out for my first post sometime this month.

Cheers, A.

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Blog Revamp in the works.

Hello readers, I know I haven’t been on my blog for over a year but then again, Here I am.

I’m just here to let you know that I will be writing again but this time I need to revamp this whole blog and publish posts that really does scream ME!

So keep a look out because I really do miss writing and I already have a couple of ideas in my mind.


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Fashion Inspiration: The Olsen Twins.

Fashion Inspiration: The Olsen Twins.

They’re petite in size, known for wearing everything oversized and for their name in fashion. I’ve always been a fan of their work ever since I was only 10 years old. I’m not ashamed to admit this but yes, I was one of those teenage girls who purchased their books and have a collection of them (no shame). I even watched all of their movies throughout their acting career days. Growing up, I was a bit disappointed to find out that they have retired from the acting biz but who knew that they would make a name for themselves in the fashion world?

By launching, The Row, not only does their collection represent them but also gives hope for young, petite ladies into wearing/ experimenting with everything oversized and layers. Hence this makes them my fashion inspiration of the week. The duo has been my inspiration and role models since as long as I could remember. Being in the fashion world, I would love to view their collection live in person and have the opportunity to interview them. Here are a few of my favorite looks by the Olsen twins.

Some may see it as simple but being simple and chic is my kind of style. I may not dress to impress sometimes as a blogger and a writer but living effortlessly chic is my sort of style. This is me.