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Fashion Inspiration Tuesday: Vanessa Hudgens

Fashion Inspiration Tuesday: Vanessa Hudgens

Hey guys! I just want to thank everyone for giving feedbacks last week . It was a great help in understanding more about what I have been writing and what I can improve more in the near future. I decided to dedicate my tuesdays to a segment called “Fashion Inspiration Tuesday.” Since it is my first segment of the day, I’m going to dedicate this post to my fashion idol, Vanessa Hudgens.

At just 25, she may win the title of being the Queen of Coachella but she definitely wins the title for being one of the most experimental person in fashion. Every movie or photo she is in among the media, you will always see this young lady in various type of styles. Widely known for her bohemian style, her way of using layers, colors and pieces that fits with her silhouette makes her respected as a person and a fashion guru. Also if you are familiar with her style and is following her on Instagram, you are bound to see her Instagram post on her love towards nail art. With her impeccable style and sweet personality, Vanessa Hudgens is my fashion inspiration of the day.






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