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Hey guys! Now that I’m back in Kuala Lumpur, I thought this was a perfect time to finally bring my blog back alive after a year long hiatus. Partly from being so busy with my third year in University and also, just rediscovering myself as a journalist. I wanted this blog to be more personal and really represent what I want to do once I’ve graduated next year and yes, It’s confirmed that I will be graduating next spring! (yay)

For the past year, I have really transformed myself from wanting to write just for fashion into writing for both fashion and music in particular and transforming the way I look. Living in San Francisco has made me into a whole new person compared to my days as a communication major back in 2010. I involved myself in this “San Franciscan” lifestyle and I honesty love it! Exploring different music is turning into an interest of mine hence why I’m actually interning for a local event management company back in SF.

So, the reason why I’m writing on this blog again is so I could post my writings on both fashion and music regularly. I just hope this new change will do good for me so keep a look out for my first post sometime this month.

Cheers, A.


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