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Saturday Tunes & Casual Conversations


“There are things I miss, that I shouldn’t, and those I don’t, that I should. Sometimes we want, what we couldn’t, sometimes we love who we could. ” – Lang Leav

This is a quote I found from this book I’m currently reading called “Lullabies” by Lang Leav. Basically everything about this book is simple yet easy going with its stories and poetries about what a person goes through in life, let it be love or friendship. This week has been a long one with me helping out with my cousins wedding back in Singapore and just figuring things out halfway through the week. Every person goes through a little struggle, let it be big or small and I know I can make it through this summer because what else is better than being surrounded with your family and friends back home right? May this be a blessed Ramadhan to those who are fasting and remember, trusting someone with your life is one thing but breaking that trust will be hard to regain it back once it is broken.

Tune of the day:


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