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This summer I knew I needed change and when I meant change, I meant dyeing my hair ombre once again. It’s been two months into my summer break and then I would have exactly three more weeks left before I leave for San Francisco, my home away from home. I’m excited to be back but at the same time I’m not. This is that certain feeling which hovers in my mind every year before I leave this place. With only a year left in finishing my bachelors, I hope to finally discover myself and find myself again. I can’t wait to wake up in my own room with the cool breeze coming in through my windows and walking to blue bottle for a cup of new orleans iced coffee. That certain feeling of being back in San Francisco is what I definitely need. To be able to find myself again. 2015 has been rough with the amount of challenges I had to face here and there. Especially, this summer. When I don’t have my mind occupied, I’m always surrounded with so much love from my family and friends. They have been supportive of everything and not even once, I regret being back home here for the summer. I hope to find myself and come back in december being ME again. I’m sorry if this blog has been abandoned at certain times but I’m trying my very best to keep it updated.

However, here’s a playlist I made on my soundcloud with the current tracks that I’m loving at the moment. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.


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