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Introducing Maxxi Soundsystem.

As the weekend approaches, I knew it was time to put my dancing shoes on and make my way to Monarch. After promoting and discovering Sam Watts who is also known as Maxxi Soundsytem, the Brighton based artist was definitely someone I needed to see live. I knew the night was going to be good after listening to his recent mixtape.

For a saturday night, the place was packed as people had drinks in their hand, girls too busy raiding the photo booth machine in the corner and hearing the endless amount of conversations from where I stood. The place was well-lit but what made the whole place so lively was the various change in music both playing upstairs while you can hear how loud the impact of the bass was going off downstairs. The best part about Monarch would be going down the dark flight of stairs to discover a whole new scene. More like an underground club. A secret little party with strangers.

People were swaying their bodies side to side, feets sliding off the dance floor as Richie Panic plays for the crowd before Maxxi Soundsystem arrived just in time as the crowd had their intense party mode switched ON. Have a listen to his mixtape and maybe, just maybe you’ll love him as much as I did after seeing him last weekend. This is what I love most about going to these parties, the fact that I get to discover and appreciate music just like how these DJs take their time in traveling to major cities just to show you what they’re capable of (and to have fun, of course).


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