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Welcoming Daniel Avery

I made my way down those familiar flight of stairs and was greeted by a familiar face with a welcoming smile. The room was dark yet bright enough to spot your friends. The music filled the room and the bass of the speakers hung above the ceiling was throbbing everyones ears. As conversations filled the room, drinks were spilled and dancers starts swarming the booth for Daniel Avery. That’s when the real party started. This was on a wednesday night. Everyone who attended that night knew what they were getting themselves into. His music made it seemed like it made its way into everyones mind with its heavy techno filled beats. Heavy and exciting. Pretty sure everyone felt the hungover the following morning or were even too tired to function. The night was a success anyways because Daniel Avery made the whole room danced and his exact words to me were, “Is it possible to have more smoke fill the room?”

Well he got it. I’m pretty sure the man enjoyed his time here in San Francisco because by the looks of it, it seemed like everyone else had their share of fun too. No matter what the consequences were the next day.


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